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New, Balance and Danner, the two classic American shoe brands, work together in the 2016 fall and winter season. Named "American Pioneer" series includes M585DR and Danner joint Light two pairs of shoes, the former through high-grade brown leather Danner remodeling exudes luxury beauty, and the latter into the gray shades of New Balance, and the Logo on the embellishment on the tongue, is used cheap jordans online for hiking or street, are standard weapon. in the Sneaker cultural circle, shoes have been a household every day to understand the necessary products. The different understanding of the shoes, sneakers lovers are different, some people love shoes, shoes of purely out of love; because some people play to shoes, they often pay more attention to the actual performance of shoes; also some people b Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ecause of fancy shoes color value, they tend to buy shoes collocation etc.. a man's taste depends on the shoes he wears. Sneaker circles cited the trend of the line, has been sought after by the masses. Young people are the biggest group of sneakers, they follow the trend of the line, the historical significance of the memory, fancy dress, and therefore the most active in the Sneaker cultural Cheap air jordan 12 ovo circle. in the shoes of this circle is often a high consumer groups, a pair of shoes can not move thousands, hot Yeezy is fired to tens of thousands. Therefore, you need to be careful when buying shoes, and the choice of shoes often brings you a happy mood. Want to buy the shoes and don't know much about it full of fog, then according to their own needs to buy shoes, you can avoid detours, o cheap jordans for sale n the demand side, you need the classic here. ||| - ||| focuses on collecting people of this kind have more historical and classical meanings than ordinary people know, and the history and classic meaning of a pair of shoes can be praised by posterity for a long time. AJ1 and AJ11 are the classics in the Sneaker culture circle. Air Jordan series is undoubtedly the most historical and class cheap jordan shoes for men ical significance. 23, this number is a symbol of worship among young people, Jordan in the basketball world is God's presence, although retired, the annual AJ series can occupy the top Nike sales. When NIke introduced AJ1 for Jordan, Jordan wondered why he had to wear such ugly shoes to play on the court. But at the time that more emphasis on team basketball, pay attention to shoes collocatio Retro jordans for sale n while Jordan was wearing wearing a uniform, AJ1 became an offbeat, by the union of warnings and fines, but later NIKE company to help Jordan paid the fine, because of this AJ1 forbidden to wear saying thus spread. AJ1 classic unbeaten shape, retro to fashion, wear it difficult to crack it, it represents the beginning of brilliant Jordan. AJ1 uses very rare and Pearl like wing logo design, a Cheap air jordans for sale nd transparent rubber material soles, flying basketball logo is a symbol of Jordan. If you pay attention to collection, AJ1 history and classic enough to be remembered by later generations, is a good choice. there is no doubt that AJ11 is a pair of art that stands at the top of basketball. It is an indelible classic. Jordan has expressed his love for AJ11 more than once. It has witnessed th cheap foamposites e beginning of Jordan's second three championships, and his handsome appearance has been wildly loved by young and hot people. it's the Feng Shui Ling designed for basketball shoes in 90sCameron Anthony is now enjoying the endorsement of Jordan Brand's life: dazzling advertising, foreign publicity, travel, and the upcoming ninth generation signature shoes. The icing on the cake was that Melo cheap jordans for sale mens shared two online pairs of players who had never seen the exclusive version of Air Jordan 4. One pair is made of dark red goat skin, and the other has a red and white exterior and a gold sign. Will Jordan Brand be able to sell some popular PE like Nike Sportswear? 's "Turbo Green" craze swept Nike's product lines, and its refreshing color scheme is also ideal for summer wear. May 24th is about Retro jordans for sale to release a Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 4, the use of the "Turbo Green" color matching, combat party friends, walk up!& nbsp; New Balance for the upcoming release of the new autumn and winter color of the 530 series of shoes, black leather combined with mesh shoe body to fight the theme, the use of red and orange hues modified for individual parts, shoes side "N" word Logo , and in the bottom of the heel, were shown a hot flame color, but also for the fall and winter of shape and wear, bring visual can feel the warmth. Currently, the shoes have shelves on sale, priced at $ 100, a friend might like to consider buying start. recently, Wenzhou Lucheng Public Security Bureau police in tour found that parked at the door of a shop on the electric bicycle handcuffed a deputy police handcuffs, police found the owner Su, Su a very fit and said: "a handcuff have what relation, a car lock, and not used for handcuffed herself." then, police sumou was brought to the police station, but Su is not cooperating with the investigation, eventually in the education of police and told their behavior has been suspected of illegal possession of weapons when sumou is gradually aware of their mistakes. 25 year old sumou account is picked up in the field of handcuffs, handcuffs at above also inserted the key, fun, put it in the side, usually used for bicycle lock. (Wenzhou Evening News) bike theft has been a question that riding friends headache, what car to buy locks are hard to detect, or try a police lock? Maybe the thief to stop, but to call the cops. It seems that this is not desirable ah!

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